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Frequently Asked Questions

You may have some inquiries... Let's get those answered!

Why is there a studio minimum? And what does two cents for every word after mean?

When it comes to submitting a piece that is less than a thousand words, say for example a poem or a monologue, a studio minimum is still charged regardless of the lower word count. If you have a collection of smaller pieces that require edits, it’s highly encouraged to compile your pieces all together as one submission, so you’re receiving the best deal per word count.


After the first thousand words, you are charged $0.02 cents per word following. So, say you submit a piece that’s a total word count of one thousand and 500 words, and you request a content or copy editing service; you would be charged $25.00, plus $0.02 per every word that follows (in this case, five hundred words). Easy breezy!

Do you offer student discounts? 

Yes! If you’re currently enrolled as a full time student and have proof of your enrollment, such as a student ID or a copy of your most recent transcripts, I’m happy to discuss any concerns regarding pricing for services. Discounts may be applied! Whether you're in junior high, high school, or enrolled in college, I am here to offer any of my services. Just send me an email and we can chat.

So, what’s the difference between proofreading, content editing, copy editing, and ghostwriting?

Great question. 

Proofreading is simply re-reading the piece over and recognizing any errors or spots that are still present in the piece. This part often goes by quickly, as it’s the final step in editing after making several changes and alterations to the piece, so it’s likely there may be few to no errors left. It’s also why I charge very little for reading it over, especially since I have already reviewed the piece several times in the content and copy editing process. You are welcome to elect to remove this service from your request, as it is not always necessary and totally up to your discretion and what feels best for your work!

Content editing is looking at the specific content of your piece, as its title suggests. In this kind of editing, we’re looking at the story itself, the characters and their personal development, inner and physical dialogue, pacing, and any inconsistencies in the plot or the factual evidence provided. The kind of feedback I offer here would consist of either adding or eliminating passages in the piece, and offering suggestions for rewriting or re-wording a sentence or a whole segment. 

Copy editing gets a little more specific. This involves looking at all the grammatical errors and correcting those, such as punctuation, spelling errors, syntax, repetition of certain words or phrases, and sentence and paragraph length. I like to look at how the piece is structured and I am often very meticulous with these kinds of corrections. Stories, creative essays, and poetry are meant to be fluid and expressive in a variety of ways, and the editing process in that regard can be quite wide-ranging, but grammar is one of the most vital parts of writing where we don’t want our readers to spot any mistakes, so it’s important to be particular. 

Some editors have separate charges for copy editing and content editing, but I personally like to combine the services into one; content and copy editing work very hand-in-hand in my eyes and I tend to have a difficult time editing for one in particular without acknowledging or noticing the other. And more often than not, they’re both present in the same sentence or paragraph structure. I almost see them as one in the same, and I’ve always been passionate about writing and storytelling, so I’m happy to provide both services as one. And then as a client, you save money as well, so it works out for the both of us!

Ghostwriting is a particular service where an individual is writing on behalf of someone else who is typically credited as the author or creator of the work. In other words, a ghostwriter is hired to write a book, article, speech, or other form of written content, while the client who commissioned the work takes the credit and ownership. Ghostwriters are often employed by individuals who may not have the time, skill, or expertise to write a particular piece, but still want to have their name associated with it. Negotiations on establishing compensation can vary between the ghostwriter and the client. Sometimes the ghostwriter receives a flat fee for their work, while in other instances, they may negotiate a percentage of royalties or other forms of compensation. I work closely with clients to get a feel for their ideas, style, and intended message, and then transform those ideas into a coherent and polished written piece. For ghostwriting services, I charge hourly rather than per word count, as this seems the most ethical way to charge clients, since I am the individual writing the project. I mean, let’s be honest, how terrible would it be if I charged my clientele per word count, and I elected to just attempt to write as many words as I possibly could? Now that would be just terrible. Once again, much like with my other services, I am very happy to discuss rates during consultations.

How long does it take to edit a piece?

It truly varies depending on the length of the piece. Most pieces can be edited with a turnaround rate of 24-48 hours, give or take. For longer pieces, it may take more time, but this can be discussed in the initial consultation before we begin editing.

What is the consultation?

This is just a little meeting that takes place prior to purchasing any editing services in order to ensure that I am providing the services you as a client are looking for. It also gives you the opportunity to ask me any questions about my work, my process, the time it will take to edit your piece, and a price quote. I do charge a $5 fee upfront for your first meeting, but if you continue to hire me as an editor, the consultation fee is removed on the third service and on future services. Think of it as kinda like a buy two get one free deal, except it’s free after the third service from here on out!

What is a conference?

This kind of service is a little different than some of the other editing practices I offer. Conferences consist of one or more meetings where a client can submit a piece for me to read, and ask if it’s something worth publishing. I don’t edit necessarily, unless you as a client have already purchased any editing services, but I do offer feedback in terms of what value I think your piece holds. I look at the likelihood of publishers picking it up, its potential popularity among audiences, and if it’s generally engaging. The biggest question I ask myself with a piece is, “If I handed this to someone who knew nothing about what I was writing, would they still enjoy reading it?” I try to apply that thinking to a client’s piece, and whether or not I find fulfillment in reading their work, and if others would as well. I only charge roughly around $10 just because it’s a very brief service to simply read without editing, but the price may go up depending on the length of the piece, which can be discussed in a consultation prior to the conference. We can also discuss edits I've made in a conference as well if you have purchased said services, but that is totally up to your discretion as a client. 

Can I be featured on your website, either to advertise my own products and business, or to post a piece to your blog?

Yes, please! The Autumn Article was founded to not only showcase myself as a writer, but to amplify the voices of other fellow writers as well. I strive to build a well-knit community and we deserve to build others up, especially in such a competitive field. I am always looking for diverse stories and newsletters to share.


Send over an email to and I’d love to hear your ideas. I charge a rate of roughly $20 for approved featured pieces depending on length, though it is very likely your piece will be approved. Rates may also be higher if you would like to advertise your business depending on the kind of profits that your business is bringing in, but send over an email and we’d be happy to discuss.

So, how do I pay for your services?

After our consultation, we'll discuss which service(s) you would like to proceed with. From there, I will send you an invoice either via email or by DocuSign for you to sign. This invoice will just be an application that lists the service(s) that you are purchasing, and serves as a binding agreement stating that you understand the contract you are signing, how long it will roughly take me to complete the service(s), and that you pinky promise to compensate me for my work. All that fun stuff! Once I complete the service(s) you purchased, I'll send you an email with the completed products, and we can discuss any questions you have for me, or anything else you may like to have added or corrected. Once everything looks good, all you have to do is navigate to the payment page, located towards the middle of my site at the very top, and from there, you'll be able to pay through direct deposit via Zelle.

Please also note that, unfortunately, as of August 22, 2023, The Autumn Article will no longer be accepting PayPal as an option for payment. I am actively looking into other sites that I believe are ethical and will not overcharge my clients in processing fees. At this time, only Zelle is available for payment. Thank you for your patience as I navigate these changes.    


If you would prefer to send me cash or a check via snail mail, we can also discuss which address/PO Box that can be sent to via email. Please note I am highly against snail mailing only because I have seen money get lost so easily in the mail, myself included, and that's really no fun for anyone. But hey, if you are more comfortable sending out a written check, let's chat about it and we'll have it all taken care of!

My question isn't listed here! What should I do?

No worries! Send me a message to and I'll do my best to get back to you as quickly as I can.

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